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Barbara Renick has now retired from professional lecturing. She now works at the Orange FamilySearch Center in Orange, CA on a volunteer basis.

ZRoots is a website dedicated to my search through genealogy for many years. On the Links page I have placed lists of websites that have proven themselves very valuable as I have researched my genealogy. I have broken the sites up into five columns: Genealogy sites, Search & Travel, Tools, Organizations & Indices and Library Links. You will see that there are some links that have a yellow background at times. These have been added since my last update. I try to go through each month and verify that all the links are working. If a site goes down then I research the web for another website that provides the same or very similar information.

The Notes button will take you to my Lecture Notes for BYU and NGS. The notes are free to use.

The Handouts button will take you to my Handouts and Help Sheets If I give a new presentation I will add the handouts to this page.

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Last updated January 2, 2020

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